Java desktop links of the week, August 18

A bunch of good links this week. Enjoy! :-)


That’s all folks! Catch you next week :-)

Java desktop links of the week, August 11

August 11?! It’s getting close to JavaOne now – I hope everyone is well underway with their preparations. Sadly I’m not yet started, but I’m sure I’ll get organised in time! :-) A bunch of great links awaits you this week. Keep up the great work folks, and keep on making the Java desktop community proud – we’re all in this together.


That’s all for this week. Catch you all again next week! :-)

Java desktop links of the week, August 4

A heap of links this week – enjoy! :-)


  • Martin Sladecek, a fellow JavaFX team member at Oracle, has posted on ‘the peculiarities of JavaFX layout‘. This is a must-read for everyone who is using JavaFX layouts.
  • David Grieve, yet another fellow JavaFX team member at Oracle, has posted on the new javafx.css.StyleablePropertyFactory that has been added to JavaFX 8u40. This factory class makes it easier to use CSS in your controls by dramatically reducing the StyleableProperty and CssMetaData boilerplate you have to write to make your JavaFX properties styleable.
  • Tom Schindl has been working on improving the JavaFX TabPane, in particular adding support for draggable tabs. Firstly, he has posted code that he extracted from his work, that people can use in their own projects. In addition to this, he has been working on bringing API into JavaFX so that the TabPane officially supports this – see RT-19659 for more details (and to offer your thoughts on the API).
  • Arnaud Nouard has been working on a cool app – an app called ThreeDOM, which is a 3D viewer of flat 2D user interfaces, inspired by a similar tool that originally shipped as part of Firefox. It would be great to see this app continue to be developed, and possibly integrated into something like Scenic View (which, believe it or not, I’ve been working on recently – and plan to have a new release out in time for JavaOne).
  • A video interview with Gerrit Grunwald has just been published online, where he discusses various projects including JFXtras and ControlsFX.
  • The JacpFX project has announced the release of JacpFX 2.
  • Rob Terp has posted part two on adding a custom JavaFX component to Scene Builder 2.0.
  • William Antônio has posted part one of a series on ‘JavaEE, JavaFX and RFID‘.
  • With JavaOne nearing, I’ve put up a form for those attending who are interested in getting together for a lunch. More details will follow, but for now register your interest.
  • David Gilbert has been busy. Firstly, he announced that JFreeChart 1.0.19 (a free chart library for the Java platform) has been released and includes new rendering hints to improve sharpness across a range of output targets, plus important fixes for the recently added JavaFX support. Secondly, he announced that FXGraphics2D 1.1 (a free bridge class that extends the reach of Java2D code to JavaFX applications) has been released and includes KEY_STROKE_CONTROL rendering hint support, a fix for clipping, a fix for glyph positioning with TextLayout and a fix for a memory leak in the demos.


  • Also from David Gilbert, he has announced that JFreeSVG 2.0 (a free SVG generator for Java applications) has been released and includes improved rendering hint support, better glyph positioning for TextLayout, improved alpha transparency and fixes required for rendering Swing components to SVG.

Catch you all next week!

Java desktop links of the week, July 28

Hi folks – another quiet week on account of the looming JavaOne conference. In my (way too many) years doing this weekly series, things always go quiet around this time as people start to work on their projects for JavaOne. For me that means I need to get head down on ControlsFX and Scenic View. If you’re working on a project for JavaOne (or just in general), good luck! :-)


That’s all for this week – catch you again next week (August already?!!!).

Java desktop links of the week, July 21

A relatively quiet week this week, with most people probably heads-down on JavaOne preparations by now. In any case, what we have below are some very interesting links, so enjoy! :-)

  • The JavaFX dialogs discussion continues. This week I posted an updated summary of where the discussions are now, and of course there has been plenty more discussion since then in the Jira issue (RT-12643). The final API for dialogs is due in early August, so time is running out – if you want to offer your opinion on what JavaFX needs, and especially if you can relate it back to the proposed APIs in RT-12643, now is the time!
  • Dirk Lemmermann continues to post JavaFX-related tips, including ‘Beauty is Skin Deep‘, ‘Do Not Mix Swing / JavaFX‘, ‘Custom Composite Controls‘, and ‘Updating Read-Only Properties‘.
  • One area that I’ve seen a few people working on recently is support for detaching tabs from a TabPane in JavaFX. This is something I would love to see one day in JavaFX itself. This week Jens Deters offers up his implementation, which looks very nice and polished.
  • Geertjan Wielenga has posted about Monet, a project which offers tight JavaFX Scene Builder integration in NetBeans IDE, developed by Sven Reimers.
  • Josh Juneau has an article in the latest Java Magazine about JavaFX with alternative languages.
  • Alexander Casall has a post about decoupling the view and its behavior in JavaFX to create a testable UI.

Catch you all again next week!


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